Friday, July 15, 2011

top four nail polishes for summer!

hey everyone! it’s tiffany! i wanted to show you guys my top four nail polish colors for summer! they’re all very vibrant which i think it’s perfect! i used my cell phone camera to take the photo so it’s not the best quality because my digital camera uploading/connecting thing ran off and disappeared. anyhow, hope you guys like these nail polish colors! (the list will be from left to right)
1. revlon’s jaded— jaded is a minty green with a hint of blue in it. i think the color is like tiffany blue mixed with white polish. if you’re going for the elegant look, try minty green!
2. hera’s hot pink— i think it’s a pity korean nail polish brand doesn’t name its nail polish with distinctive names and instead uses conventional names. but anyhow hera’s hot pink nail polish is great when you’re going out on a date. i love this vibrant pink and pink polishes are always great to have!
3. tony moly’s coral— tony moly is also a korean makeup brand. i am absolutely in love with this color. i don’t think the picture is doing this justice because this color is really close to neon orange. it’s a really playful color!
4. tony moly’s cream yellow— if you guys are more toned down but want to experience a bit of craziness, creamy yellow is really a great choice! not only does it look vibrant and fun, it also looks elegant and classy. again, the camera is not doing this nail polish color justice. try out cream yellow if you can!
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happy nail polishing!
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