Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunscreen for your Summer

hey everyone it's tiffany! today i want to talk about a sunscreen that i've been using a lot these days, which is lancome's uv expert spf50 gn-shield bb base.
i personally believe that sunscreens are one of the essentials you have to put on during the summer even if you want to get tanned because it's what's protecting your skin from harmful uv rays. i do believe and recommend everyone to invest on a good sunscreen because sometimes drugstore sunscreens just do not do the trick. i highly believe that if you invest your money on something good, you will get something good that you will like a lot.
so here are reasons why i feel my lancome sunscreen was worth all the money. one quite basic reason is just because it works. it does it's job as a sunscreen. next (and one of the biggest reasons why i love this product) is that it is bb base. remember i talked about bb cream when i was introducing skin79's hot pink bb cream? bb cream is basically something i substitute foundation with because it has a nice coverage and it doesn't feel heavy like foundation. what i'm getting at is if this sunscreen has bb cream inside, it's like skipping a step: instead of putting on sunscreen and then bb cream, you can just put on the sunscreen!
i think the main difference between a sunscreen that has bb cream inside and a bb cream that has spf is that the sunscreen will properly do it's job as a sunscreen while give sufficient coverage. i really think lancome's sunscreen is one of the best summer makeup product i have ever used.
now, i'm not telling you to buy it or anything because after all, it is quite pricey. but i'm simply asking you to consider investing your money on something that works.
hope this was helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. like this post, reblog or follow me and i'll continue trying to do honest and good reviews on cosmetic products. if you have any basking recipe you wish i could post i would gladly do so.
have a nice day and happy sunscreen!
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