Friday, July 8, 2011

skin79 super+ bb cream (hot pink)

the look: 4 out of 5
the product: 4 out of 5
would i buy it again? yes.
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hey guys, so today im going to do a review on skin79 hot pink bb cream
it is really one of my favorite makeup product. here's why.
first lets look at the overall look. it is hot pink with a shimmery surface and a pump that is quite convenient. one of the reasons why i love this product is for it's look. i think the fact that it's in hot pink definitely adds something extra. now, why did i score it 4 out of 5 even though i am insanely in love with the look? while the hot pink definitely adds something special to this product, you're not able to see how much bb cream is left inside. i've been using this for about six months now and still when i push the pump a lot of product comes out (which is great) but i often wonder when it will run out.
now the bb cream. some of you might wonder what is bb cream? bb typically stands for blemish balm (but it says beblesh balm on the skin79 hot pink bb cream) and it is widely used to provide natural looking skin coverage. south korea has a lot of makeup companies like skin79, missha, skin food, hanskin, and the face shop that makes different kinds of bb cream (and they're very well known for that)
bb creams are excellent replacement for foundation. while foundation may feel heavy on the skin, bb cream tend not to do so. it's not necessarily "not feeling like anything is on" but it is close to that
when you pump the bb cream of skin79 hot pink bb cream, you can see that is is ashy gray. you might think it is not suitable for your skin tone but after you apply it, it oxidizes and blends in with your skin color, creating that flawless and natural look. 
i do have to caution you though, if you apply too much, your makeup will look cakey (especially during summer). just apply sheer amount and it will be enough to give you a natural skin. 
i whole heartedly recommend this product as i found it great. if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask and follow me for more reviews!

i hope this was helpful,


  1. I really want to try this! I hate that I can't swatch it before buying though :(

  2. Hey Eileen (not sure if you'll see this or not)
    Initially I was really doubtful because usually BB cream doesn't have various colors. But you know what? I would give it a shot if I were you! I really like it and it applies so much easier than foundation. The thing is you don't need to swatch it because like I said, after you apply it it oxidizes to match your skin tone. Hope this was helpful!
    -Tiffany, ardently makeup