Thursday, July 21, 2011

revlon beyond natural blush & bronzer

packaging- 4 out of 5
pigmentation- 1 out of 5
would i buy this again? no
— — —
hey everyone this is tiffany! today i’m going to talk about revlon’s beyong natural blush & bronzer. initially i was really excited about this product because of the rave reviews i saw on makeupalley and how 70% of people would repurchase it. i thought that was a lot of people so i thought maybe this will work for me. unfortunately the product is too natural. when i used my angled blush brush and swiped it once on the bronzer side, nothing came out. so i tried it continuously and finally SOMETHING came out. but what was really disappointing was that when i put it on my face, nothing but shimmers came out. i must say that it might have been because my face is not as light as some other people, but i do wear bb cream and usually that sort of helps my skin become lighter…? anyways the same thing happened to the blush. they are terrible in terms of pigmentation. i gave my sister this to try out and she also didn’t like it (she has lighter skin color) and told me that only when she put TOO MUCH did her friends ask her if she put on bronzer and blush. *too much as in spending approximately 10 minutes to get the bronzer and blush on. maybe i might have had a defected one, but i’ve also seen reviews on makeupalley saying how terrible the pigmentation was, so i know i’m not alone.
in terms of packaging, i’d say it’s okay (suits my taste). i do like the fact that it’s blush and bronzer combined which saves a lot of money (if it were to work well) and while some people might not like it, i like the fact that this doesn’t have a mirror. sometimes i just don’t get why tiny eye shadow compacts have little mirrors. majority of us who put on makeup have vanities so i don’t think it’s a big deal that it doesn’t have a mirror (but it does seem a good idea if you want to touch up on makeup at work or etc.) but overall i do like the packaging it looks cute.
overall, would i buy this again? no not really. usually even when i do not like a makeup product i try to use it as much as possible, but this is really not the case. i wouldn’t really recommend this product but if you are interested in it and have the FAIRest skin tone, then yeah sure try it out and tell me what you think about it. hope this was a helpful review. if you liked it please follow me for more and reblog or like this post. if you have any questions please ask me on tumblr or email me at
happy blush/bronzer!
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