Sunday, July 10, 2011

nars the multiple in orgasm

usefulness: 5/5
would i buy it again? maybe
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hey guys it’s tiffany crazy blogging in my room (while watching movie called election. it stars reese witherspoon. it’s an oldy but i LOVE this movie. it’s so funny!)! today i wanted to do a review on nars cosmetic’s the multiple in color orgasm.
i thought the name was really creative (though a bit inappropriate). it’s called “the multiple” for a reason. it can be used as blush, eye shadow, or lip stick (though i highly advise not to use it on your lips). it’s creamy and has light shimmers on it. the color orgasm is pinkish coral with a hint of red. i typically use it as a blush.
i think it’s great that nars came up with something that can be used in a lot of areas. it saves me the money to buy coral eyeshadow and blush. the reason why i don’t use it as eyeshadow is because quite frankly coral eyeshadow doesn’t compliment my eyes. but for those of you who love coral eyeshadows, i recommend you to buy this product. 
it is a bit pricey ($39USD) but buying it saves you a lot of money in the long run because it contains ALOT. i’ll tell you why i would maybe buy this again. my skin is quite dark so when i apply it it doesn’t really show up. then why do i like it? it has shimmers inside so i like how the apples of my cheek shimmers after i apply it. i do think it’s great as a blush because it’s very pigmented (though not as pigmented as mac blushes)
if you have fair skin, i recommend you to try it out. if you have dark skin, im sure there’s a way you can use this blush/eye shadow/lipstick.
i hope this review was helpful! if you have any questions or comments, please ask. if you think this review was helpful, please like it and follow me for more reviews!
happy blush finding!
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