Saturday, July 9, 2011

the master cleanse aka. lemon detox

hunger level: 5 out of 5
weight loss: 4 out of 5
would i try it again? yes
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hey everyone this is Tiffany again!
today i wanted to talk to you guys about something i’ve tried before, which is the master cleanse. 
master cleanse is a type of diet routine meant for you to lose bad substances or wastes in your body. it is no way something you should do if you want to lose couple of pounds. and unfortunately, i hate to say it but that what my intent when i tried master cleanse. i wanted to lose weight before our school prom so tried it out for a week. i lose 6 pounds over 7 days (which was lower than the recommended length of time to do master cleanse) and i felt great because i was losing weight FAST.
now let’s talk about what happened during the process. it might be different for people because we each have different type of body, but when i tried it, the whole time i was REALLY hungry. when i watched people on youtube documenting their master cleanse diet, they all said by third day your hunger decreases and you will gradually feel less hungry. it wasn’t the case for me. i must admit i love to eat but who doesn’t? so it might be just me who was constantly hungry, but i caution you you might experience the same thing. 
losing weight was easy because you would have to go to the restroom quite a lot. the first day i went to the restroom for about 3 times and it gradually decreased but i still went everyday. unlike normal master cleanse routine, i did not do the salt water wash or drank the herbal tea but the lemon juice was enough to let me lose weight and help me go take care of my business in the restroom. 
the taste of the lemon juice is surprisingly good! the sweetness of maple syrup with lemon flavor and a tint of spice from the cayenne pepper. i loved it. in fact, i still drink it occasionally because it tastes really good.
would i go through the whole process again? i would say yes because overall it was a great experience, i felt more confident about my body and i felt healthy. the only reason keeping me from doing the master cleanse right now is the price all together. buying the maple syrup and the lemon might cost you a lot of money, and especially with maple syrup being quite expensive in where i live, it was difficult for me to continue longer than 7 days because of the price. but overall, it was a great experience and if you are up for it (and you have the mental strength to do so) i recommend you to do so.
that’s it for my review and overall thought about the master cleanse. if you have any questions or comments about the master cleanse please feel free to ask me. it would mean a lot of you could comment on this post. it tells me that i have readers reading this. follow me if you wish and stay tuned for upcoming giveaway!
have a great day everyone,
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below is the recipe i used to make the lemon juice. hope this will help some of you
for one serving:
1 1/4 cup of water
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
a pinch of cayenne pepper.
hope this helps!

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