Sunday, July 10, 2011

l’oreal paris renewal lash serum

effectiveness: 4/5
would i buy it again? yes
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hey guys today i will be doing a review on l’oreal paris renewal lash serum. on the bottle it says it will give “intensive boost for a renewed lash look”
so now lets talk about how effective it was. initially i bought this so my lashes could grow longer and look fuller. it only did the latter. after several days of using it, i was convinced that my lashes were fuller. i could see more lashes growing out while the old ones stayed where it was (which is really the reason why it looked fuller. in a natural cycle, lashes tend to fall off but with this serum, the old ones stayed where it was). 
i do have to be honest, while i was using it, after several days it started to sting my eyes a bit. i’m guessing it might be too much for my eyes to handle so i took a break and after several months later i started using it again and this time it hurt less. if you happen to be like me, initially fine but sting your eyes later, then i suggest you to take a break from this.
would i buy it again? yes, definitely. recently i checked hollyannaree, the famous youtube beauty guru’s old videos and in one of her hits and misses video, she said she’s using her second bottle. that sums up about how effective it is. i would also buy it again, if i ever run out of it (it’s 1/4 full). 
i recommend this to you if you want fuller looking lashes. this definitely does not add length but who doesn’t want voluminousness eye lashes, right? i hope this review was helpful. please like this post or follow for more makeup reviews, tutorials and baking recipe.
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