Friday, July 15, 2011

l’occitane rose 4 reines hydrating face mist

smell: 5 out of 5
would i buy this again? yes
— — —
hey everyone it’s tiffany again! so today i wanted to talk about l’occitane’s hydrating face mist that has a rose scent. i think this product is great for summer when you’re feeling really hot. just spray some on your face and it’ll feel really refreshing.
since it’s a face mist and not a perfume, the rose scent is not overwhelming so i like this a lot as it can replace my perfume sometimes (i spray it on face and neck).
i’m using my second bottle now so i recommend this a lot! especially during summer when you’re skin feels really dry. this small bottle is easy to carry around and although i absolutely dislike the fact that l’occitane does animal testing, i would buy this bottle again because it’s great to take to the beach
hope this short review was helpful. if you have any questions please feel free to ask and follow for more review.
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