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lighten hair with honey

lighten hair with honey-- review
hey guys it's me again! today i wanted to talk to you about lightening your hair with honey. there are some ups and downs about this and i will explain it in detail right now.
first of all, why use honey? it conditions your hair and releases hydrogen peroxide (only when you dilute it) so the hydrogen peroxide lightens your hair without damaging it. sounds amazing huh? this type of hair lightening is only good for people with brown hair. if you have blonde hair, keep reading and i will tell you what you can do to lighten your hair.
so after extensive research, i decided to try the honey out because i really wanted to lighten my hair. the one negative i do have to say is how long you have to put it on. the recommended amount of time is 8 hours. yes, i didn't make a typo-- 8 hours. that's quite honestly A LONG time. so how do i fill up that eight hours? i sleep. usually i do the honey hair before i go to bed and i wake up next morning to wash it off. the process of sleeping with honey on your hair is really not the best thing i've experienced. it itches and it's uncomfortable. usually because the honey leaks out so i need to put extra towels on my pillow so the honey won't get on my pillow. if you are willing to endure it all, then sure you can do it.
as for the positives, it works! i did it for two times and the second time i did it i saw a noticeable change in my hair color. instead of a dull brown hair, my hair was reddish brown. it was great. the honey will not lighten your hair and make a huge difference the very first time you try it so if you're up for it, be prepared to sleep with honey on your hair for many nights. i did take breaks between each time i try the honey because i thought it might be too much for the hair to do through so much in consecutive nights. i usually do it once every week and the result is still great.
as for people with blonde hair, here's something good for you. lemon. put some lemon juice on your hair and go sun tan for couple of hours. you will see your hair lightened. that's all it takes for you to lighten your hair compared to the honey you have to put if you are a brunette.
so below i will put the ingredients for you to try out honey lightening and lemon lightening.
honey lightening:
1/4 cup of honey
2 tablespoons of hair conditioner
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
-- -- --
lemon lightening:
in a spray bottle, add
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1/4 cup of water
-- -- --
i hope this was helpful, if you have any questions about lightening your hair please ask, follow for more reviews and i would really appreciate it if you could like this post.

thank you everyone for reading this and hope you guys have a great day!
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