Sunday, July 10, 2011

kiehl’s cucumber herbal alcohol-free toner

price: 4 out of 5
work-ability: 4 out of 5
smell: 3 out of 5
would i buy it again? yes
— — —
hey guys it’s tiffany! today i wanted to do a review on something that i trust deep with my heart— kiehl’s cucumber toner. so on the label it says it’s “for dry or sensitive skin” and i guess kiehl’s is really wrong in this case because it works fine for me (i have oil and acne prone skin) and it’s self proclaimed “alcohol-free” is a total lie. when i apply it, it feels just like i’m rubbing alcohol on my face- no joke. so every time i apply it i always go “kiehl’s, this is some b*******. alcohol free my a**.” (pardon my language)
however despite that i still incorporate this to my daily skin care routine (which is basically so simple and fast it’s doubtful as to why i’m even calling it a skin care routine) because it feels refreshing and i think it’s great for my acne-prone skin. before i bought a gigantic bottle in the airport, i had a sample bottle and i tried it then. at first my skin started to break out and i thought to myself “okay tiff, maybe this is not the right toner for you”. but i didn’t give up because i don’t want to waste makeup products. so after a while i started breaking out less and my skin got SO much better. i give all the credits to the toner.
so would i buy it again? after i finish using my gigantic bottle, yes! definitely. i might even try kiehl’s toner for acne prone skin called ultra facial oil-free toner (although it doesn’t have that refreshing and minty feel like the cucumber toner does when you apply it on your skin)
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happy taking care of your skin!
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