Thursday, July 21, 2011

kate lipstick nd in be-4

pigmentation: 5 out of 5
packaging: 5 out of 5
would i buy lipsticks from them again? yes!
— — —
hey everyone it’s tiffany! today i’m going to do a review on kate’s nude lipstick i told you guys about in the previous post on red lipstick. this lipstick is actually my very first nude lipstick because it was really hard for me to find a drugstore brand lipstick. now, kate is, i believe, a japanese cosmetics company (correct me if i’m wrong) and they have four shades of nude lipsticks. i have with me BE-4 which is the fourth one (but not the darkest… which is weird). BE-4 is a nude lipstick with a tint of pink which is usually not that visible. 
i really LOVE the packaging of the nude lipstick because it’s really sleek and small. when i put it in my clutch when i go to school dances or parties, it just looks great inside the clutch. 
i would buy kate lipstick if i were to buy more because i just love the packaging and i love how it glides on after first try. if you cannot afford expensive nude lipsticks, this is a great alternative!
i think this covers everything… i do get lots of compliments from people whenever i wear this nude lipstick so i personally love this! if you have any questions or comments please ask on my tumblr or email me at
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happy lipstick!
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