Sunday, July 10, 2011

Canmake Eyelash Curler

curls eyelashes- 5/5
would i buy it again? YES!
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hey guys! this is tiffany!
so today im going to do a review on something i’m really excited about! it’s from a japanese brand called canmake. their eyelash curler are designed so it doesn’t hurt when you curl your eyelashes (you know those ugly moments). i really like this because i’ve used several different eyelash curlers like missha’s or just a cheap eyelash curler from a drugstore but they all did not do the job, which is curl my eyelashes. but this one it works wonders! maybe it’s because it’s designed for people with asian eyes or it’s just plain brilliant but i have no trouble curling my eyelashes with it.
it’s pink so those of you pink lovers, this can be another thing you own that’s pink! i love how it’s pink because my makeup bag is pink so it adds something girly to my makeup set apart from brown and dark eye shadows.
i’m not sure if they sell it in the states but i found a useful website for those of you who’s interested
i hope you guys like this and find my review helpful! if something’s not clear or if you have any questions or comments, please ask me and make sure to follow me for upcoming giveaway that i’m planning to host! (i’m still deciding on what i should give away)
happy eyelash curling!
ardently makeup
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by the way, if you would like to suggest something for review (or wish to submit a review) please contact me by asking me on tumblr! i love to see other people’s view on makeup!

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