Thursday, July 21, 2011

bourjois sweet kiss lipstick in rouge sur mesure

pigmentation: 5 out of 5
packaging: 5 out of 5
would i buy it again? yes!
— — —
hey everyone this is tiffany! today i’m going to talk about a red lipstick i have with me (next time i will talk about nude lipstick, so stay tuned) from bourjois cosmetics. i have color called rouge sur mesure and it’s a very true red and probably the only true red i found in a drugstore where i found it. the packaging as you can see from the picture above is very sleek and it’s one of the things i really like about this lipstick. as you can see from above, the silver circle on the purple box is what pulls the lipstick out. by sliding the silver circle, the lipstick easily pops out. 
this is actually one of the items i’m thinking of giving out as a giveaway item but i’m still deciding. the picture really doesn’t do this lipstick justice because while the picture shows the lipstick in pinkish red, the lipstick is actually a very true red as i have stated. i think red lipsticks are one of the essentials for girls to have because it creates a really vintage yet sophisticated vibe to your makeup. if you do put on red lipsticks, it’s best if you tone down on rest of the makeup (eyes, for example) to really accentuate your red lips
bourjois cosmetics also has other lipstick colors with other packaging besides the purple. they also have excellent (very pigmented) eye shadows so do check it out! their cosmetics are reasonably priced and they have great variety of mascara and eyeliners (their eyeliners are probably one of the BEST eyeliners i’ve seen. will definitely do a review on one of them!)
hope this was helpful! if you have any questions ask me on tumblr or email me at follow me for more reviews and tutorials and baking recipes! 
happy lipstick!
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