Friday, July 8, 2011

the beginning

hey everyone,
this is tiffany and i'll be doing makeup reviews in this blog from now on.
i'm really passionate about makeup and i've always wanted to have my own youtube channel talking about my favorite products and such and i did try by first adding some nail tutorials but eventually due to school work and all i couldn't continue so i was left with one subscriber in that youtube channel
so why am i starting this blog site then?
i am in my school journalism class and as i am deeply passionate about writing about things i love, i thought this would be a great opportunity to write about makeup (and nails!)
starting from tomorrow, i will be reviewing various makeup products i have with me and if you want to request reviews, feel free to do so
if you are interesting in reading reviews of makeup products, please do follow me and i promise you i will give the most honest review about specific products.
if you are interested in my tumblr sites with pictures of vintage, food, makeup, gossip girl!, ed westwick or just pretty scenery, my usual tumblr is this:
and my ardentlymakeup tumblr is this (it contains the same information as this blog does)
by starting this blogspot site, i do hope to share my passion for makeup with you :) my goal is to keep this blog running for at least one year. let's hope i can fulfill my goal!
let the beautiful makeup trip begin


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